Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Bucket List (Well this week's version)

Bec’s Bucket List (Current Top 50)
I have always been fascinated by the idea of having a bucket list, with all the things that you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. I have a word document that lists all my ideas, although I am constantly adding new things or crossing them off as I go.
I recommend that everyone creates one and don’t let your mind limit you, you can achieve anything you set your mind to……..
Here are my current top 50, in no particular order -
1.       Go on an African safari
2.       Attend the Melbourne Cup
3.       Watch Eagles win AFL Grand Final
4.       Give a large cheque to charity (over $10,000)
5.       Follow the Tour De France
6.       Ride up Alpe Du Huez
7.       Snorkelling on Great Barrier Reef
8.       Spend Christmas in New York
9.       Go to Disneyland
10.   Have something named after me
11.   Own an Audi
12.   Drive a Ferrari
13.   Own a house less than 500m from the beach
14.   Attend the Superbowl
15.   Take Matt to Premier League Match to watch Chelsea play
16.   Take family on all expenses paid holiday
17.   Build a life-size snowman
18.   Go skydiving
19.   Learn to scuba dive
20.   Learn French
21.   Own a pair of Manolo Blahniks
22.   Learn to snowboard
23.   Run a marathon
24.   Ride a horse
25.   Complete an IM
26.   Ski in Switzerland
27.   Swim solo to Rottnest
28.   Live like a local in France for a month
29.   Go to Japan
30.   Be a contestant on a gameshow
31.   Drive a race car around the track at high speed
32.   Have someone ask me for my autograph
33.   Meet Lance Armstrong
34.   Be an extra in a film/tv/commercial
35.   Learn more about investing
36.   Learn to play poker and win
37.   Attend the tomato festival in Spain
38.   Start my own business
39.   Write a book
40.   Break a Guinness world record
41.   Represent Australia at a sporting event (Not necessarily as a professional)
42.   Have $1 million worth of property by the time I am 30 (This goal made when I was 16)
43.   Get married
44.   Have babies
45.   Swim with dolphins (So cliché, I know)
46.   Help make someone else’s dream come true
47.   Ride in a hot air balloon
48.   Go to Oktoberfest
49.   Live to be a relatively healthy 100 year old
50.   Be happy, healthy and enjoy life

My next post will include those items that were on my bucket list but that have already been completed.
I hope this gets you thinking……..
Becstar x

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