Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Completed Bucket List (To date....)

As suggested in my past post, I have been lucky enough to tick off a few things that were previously on my bucket list.
And whilst I am sure there are a few more that were on here, especially from when I was younger, like “Go overseas” or “Go to a concert”, these are the more specific ones that I can remember.
Remember to reflect on your own achievements on what activities that you may have already completed. Often we pass a milestone, achieve a dream or do something we have always wanted to do, without giving ourselves the praise and recognition that we took steps to make it happen.
1.       See the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
(A 6 month around the world trip in 2004 accomplished most of these)
2.       Go surfing in Hawaii (2004)
3.       Climb up the Eiffel Tower (2004)
4.       Regular volunteering with a Charity
      (With Starlight in the Express Room at PMH)
5.       Complete a Half IM (Busselton 2006)
6.       Complete a university degree
       (Undergrad in Science at UWA and postgrad OHS at Curtin)
7.       Live in another state than WA (Melbourne 2011)
8.       Watch an NBA game (Seattle v Toronto 2004)
9.       Gamble in Las Vegas (2004)
10.   Win a bike race (State Crit Champs 2008)
11.   Sing solo at karaoke
(Confession it was Kylie’s ‘The Locomotion’ and I wasn’t even drunk)
12.   Represent WA in national sporting competition
(First time was in 2000 for triathlon, then in 2009 for cycling)
13.   Purchase my first home (With Matt in 2008)
14.   Go to the AUS open (2011)
15.   Go to the Olympics as a spectator (Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004)
16.   Visit India (Well this wasn’t on my list until I completed it, but still an amazing experience)
17.   See John Farnham in concert
(Okay dorky I know but I loved it, circa 2002.
Yes I was old enough to know better!)
18.   Live at the AIS (May have only stayed 4 days but it still counts 2010)
19.   Go skiing (Whistler 2004)
20.   Meet a movie star (Met Mandy Moore outside Saks, Fifth Ave, New York in 2004)
Happy reading.

Becstar x

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