Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good karma at the bank!

A friend of mine has recently started a brilliant new blog called The Smile Collective. The main aim of the site is help brighten your day and will be filled with stories, pictures and posts to make you smile. Check it out at

The launch of the site was perfect timing, as I had just been witness to a great ‘smile’ story and shared it with Kel, who posted onto her blog.

I thought I should also share it with you.

My smile moment for today happened to me while at the bank.

I was waiting patiently in line for the teller to become free when I noticed an older gentleman standing adjacent to the queue. At first I thought he was trying to push in, however he was obviously trying to go back to talk to the teller that he had previously dealt with.  

I was called to the teller  and while waiting for my bank cheque to be drawn up the man was called back to his teller and she asked him “Did I do something wrong?”

He pulled out a wad of cash, which he had obviously just withdrawn and proceeded to say “It’s just that you gave me $100 too much”

She took the money recounted it, realised her mistake and took the $100 back.

After blushing she then thanked him, as there was no way she would have known her mistake. He simply said “No worries, have a lovely day” and walked out.

Both tellers looked at each other in ultimate disbelief and she said “Well that certainly doesn’t happen every day”

I was also in a state of shock and looked around to other people in the queue who were either smiling or shaking their head in disbelief at this man’s honesty.

I walked out with the biggest smile on my face, just hoping that karma comes back around and pays him back for his honesty and reminding me that the world is full of amazing people.

Hope this made you smile.

Becstar x

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