Monday, March 21, 2011

Weddings – What’s not to love!

I have just returned from 10 days in Perth, where I had the pleasure of attending 2 weddings, my 2nd & 3rd of 2011 and I still have 4 more to go this year alone. However I am certainly not complaining, as I am completely willing to admit – I LOVE WEDDINGS!
I suppose most girls (and some boys) love a wedding, I mean what is not to love? Everyone is in a good mood, dressed up in their best outfits, the food is good (usually), drinks are flowing freely (and often at rapid pace) and love is in the air. I reckon if you don’t have a good time at a wedding then it’s your own fault.
But there are certain moments throughout the day, that I look forward to the most –
·         Enter Bride: Obviously when the bride comes into sight for the first time, the crowd will gasp with delight but this is the time that I tend to turn my attention to the groom and watch his face light up as he watches his bride come towards him. Priceless!

·         Introducing the new Mr & Mrs ???: The first time that the bridal party get introduced at the reception and you can immediately tell that the stress & nerves from the ceremony have been washed away. Especially after a few champers out in the sun while taking photos, you can tell that they are now ready to party.

·         Speeches: Now I understand that speeches can go either way but there aren’t many times in life when people publicly share stories about you to 100+ people or more importantly tell that many people how proud/inspired or lucky they are to know you/be your parents or to have just married you.

·         Dance Floor: There are not many occasions outside of weddings when the dance floor is so diverse. From nanna, to seedy uncle Bob, to the young kids and everyone else in between nobody is left out and all types of dance moves are welcomed and often encouraged. The YMCA and the Grease Megamix would have been ancient history if it wasn’t for wedding DJ’s.

I also love the way that a day that is usually so similar in proceedings can be so different in depending on the couple. I suppose all these things are what supposedly make the day “The happiest of your life”? I will just have to wait and see…….
Happy days……
Becstar x
                                                         At the Mr & Mrs Ivey Wedding
                                                         At the Mr & Mrs Fritchley Wedding
                                                          At the Mr & Mrs Gill Wedding

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