Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why are we celebrating the douchebags?

It is one of the things that annoy me most in modern culture, when large numbers of people (predominantly thanks to the media) continuously celebrate, encourage and often highlight the behaviour of world’s biggest assholes (Sorry about the language but I feel it is called for).
They are the losers who seem to get more publicity for breaking the law/using drugs/being violent/cheating on their partners etc. than they do when they when acting as relatively sensible, even if sometimes deluded, citizens.
I have three very obvious and current examples, which make me cringe at their thought. I can’t even bring myself to name them, but I am sure you will be able to figure it out:
·         American singer, convicted for violent assault on female partner:
o   How this guy is still making music, touring and consequently that people are still paying him for this astounds me.  After seeing the horrible pictures of Rihanna after he violently beat her, I thought there was no way he could come back from that. Although what now annoys me further is that when asked about the incident, he shows no remorse, instead getting angry and trashes his room backstage and gets away with it. Is it just me or are there more than a few things wrong with this picture?   
o   I came across a great piece on this situation below that I totally agree with -

·         Australian football player, cheated on wife with model, admitted to various addictions and unusually sized head/nose.
o   Talk about chances? It seems as though this one has a reminder in his outlook calendar that reads “Misbehave” set to go off every couple of weeks in order to boost his profile. From cheating on his wife, to urinating in public, to allegedly flashing females, admitting to gambling addictions and just in general acting like the biggest dickhead you are likely to meet.
o   What gets me most upset about this one is that after being kicked out of one football club for bad behaviour, another club pays big bucks for him. Then despite them giving him another chance, he once again misbehaves and they have no choice but to let him go. However it gets worse, as even though he is the one who misbehaves and forces them to break his contract, he is still paid out close to $1 million dollars.
o   I wonder what I need to do in order to have my employer pay me out 1-2 year’s salary, just to get rid of me?

·         American actor, who constantly wearing horrible bowling shorts and thinks he is winning  
o   Okay so I before I start this one, I must admit that I did get some enjoyment initially after watching this whole situation explode but the more I watched, the sadder I got, as I realised we were building a monster.
o   Firstly we have a guy who gets paid more than anyone should to wear horrible shirts and repeat the same bad jokes week in & week out, whilst playing a womanising loser on tv. Life imitating art or vice versa?
o   This is the same guy who has been in trouble with the law a few times in the past & openly admits to serious drug use.
o   However the more he acts out, is rude to those who employ him and the world tells him he is winning, the higher is profile is and more than likely the more he is rewarded. Arrrrrggghhhhhhh………
The list goes on but for the sake of my own personal health & to get my blood pressure back down, I’ll leave it there.
I just wonder why aren’t we celebrating the true heroes of this world, the doctors, the volunteers, the researchers or the men/women who are kind, courteous to others, hard-working and refrain from excessive drinking, illegal drugs, assaulting others and committing crimes?
I just don’t get it!
Becstar x

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