Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Day Detox

So one of the major pushes to finally start a blog after years of thinking I should was coming off a 7-day detox. I came out of the week feeling super fresh, motivated and keen to improve in all areas of my life but it wasn’t like that all week, let me tell you.
Matt and I decided to do the detox after a 2 month festive season of too much food, drink and merriment that had us in some unhealthy habits. The detox we stuck to was a simple one we found on the internet that basically called for NO wheat, NO dairy, NO meat (Allowed oily fish), NO alcohol and NO caffeine.
What are you left with? Basically fruit, vegetables, salmon and brown rice!
The reason I feel as though this is an interesting blog topic, is the way we both reacted so differently across the week. While the first 2 days were filled with headaches and “Why did we do this?”, as the days rolled by I seemed to flourish, while Matt continually suffered and was counting down the hours til he could eat meat again.
While Matt struggled for energy, I was always wide awake, hardly needing any sleep and running laps of ‘The Tan’ as well as I would have pre-detox. Even without a daily coffee I was motivated with work and felt as though my daily procrastination time was reduced.
A few lessons I learnt during the week –
·         Good, seasonal fruit is YUM & a much better snack than processed, pre-packages ones
·         Having your fridge stacked with fresh, healthy food is vital in making the right food choices (We are very lucky to have the South Melbourne markets within walking distance)
·         Tofu isn’t a real food – I don’t care what anyone says, it is horrible!
·         I do not need a carbohydrate heavy snack before evening exercise (ie. Bread or cereal) to perform. I was running just as well on a healthy lunch & fruit.
·         Rice milk, brown rice and homemade cereal (Rice puffs, rolled oats, crushed nuts & honey) are good.
·         Unsalted nuts are just not as enticing as salted ones
·         I love coffee – I missed this the most & actually enjoy the taste but now take it without sugar and will limit to 1/day
·         Men need meat – Another day and I think Matt would have started gnawing on my arm in the middle of the night.   
·         Everything in moderation is the best way to live – One of the hardest things about the detox was the impact on our social lives. We had to avoid social settings in fear of being labelled “weirdos” as well as pre-eating before going to a 8th birthday party, where it was very hard to say no the very pretty pink cupcakes.
Coming back to ‘normal’ eating was also an interesting experiment, with just as many headaches as going on the detox. For me it was bread that killed me and then the first coffee, while for Matt the reintroduction of beer (well actually about 7) surprisingly led to a rather hazy head.
Overall an interesting experiment and with all things that I do, I think I have learnt a thing or two. Now it’s just a case of seeing how long I can keep these ‘good’ habits in my daily routine.
Becstar x

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