Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road Trip: Melbourne to Canberra

It’s a long weekend on the East Coast, so Matt and I decided to take full advantage of this and take a road trip to the Nation’s Capital. The decision was made easier by the fact that Matt also had Friday off and so he picked me up from the airport on Thursday afternoon and we were on our way.

While some people suggested we were mad for choosing to go to Canberra, I was excited to play tourists. Matt has been to Canberra many times with school camps but was always too busy watching the kids that he never got the time to see all the exhibitions. While I had only ever been to Canberra to race my bike and apart from the AIS and the large hills in the outer suburbs had never seen many of the main attractions.

If you have never been then I highly recommend it, lots to see and do (mostly all free) and you’ll learn a stack.

But rather than bore you with my words, check out the highlights below –

                The Dog & the Tuckerbox – Not to highlight I was expecting but can say I’ve been there!

                    In the Senate at Parliament House. The Senate is red & House of Reps is green.

                         On the roof of parliament house. Looking down over Old Parliament House
                                                         & towards the War memorial.
          Looking back the other way from the War Memorial looking up towards Parliament House.

                                 Soliders about to be dropped out of the helicopter for combat.
                        Looking down through the War Memorial – it was a huge highlight.
                         We actually went back 2 days in a row so we could take it all in.
                                                          Incredible and overwhelming!

                           My best effort to be a serious Madam Speaker at Old Parliament House.

                               Sight seeing in Canberra is thirsty work – Lake Burley Griffin.

                      Soundtrack for the drive – courtesy of Triple J Hottest 100 and Hamish & Andy.  

Oh and if you go during winter, make sure you take all the clothes you can……It’s freezing!

Becstar x

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